The CIGRE Task Force scheme is based on the interpretation scheme of MSS, which is the quotient C2H4/C3H6 not used.
For each fault is a quotient of the key individual gases alone sufficient to determine a fault.
As used in essentially the same ratio as in MSS is omitted here for a closer look at this process.


Fault Gas ratio Schl├╝sselkonzentration
Discharge (high engergy) C2H2/C2H6 > 1 C2H2 > 20 ppm
Partial discharge H2/CH4> 10 H2 > 100 ppm
Thermal fault C2H4/C2H6> 1 Σ CxHy ;x = 1,2,3

Σ (C1, C2, C3) > 1000 ppm

Σ (C1, C2) > 500 ppm

Degradation of cellulose 3 > CO2/CO > 10 Σ COx > 10000 ppm