Gas-in-oil analysis

Input of measurement data:

H2 - Hydrogen: ppm
CH4 - Methane: ppm
C2H2 - Ethine: ppm
C2H4 - Ethene: ppm
C2H6 - Ethane: ppm
C3H6 - Propene: ppm
C3H8 - Propane: ppm
CO - Carbon monoxide: ppm
CO2 - Carbon dioxide: ppm
O2 - Oxygen: ppm
N2 - Nitrogen: ppm
Oil type:



Informations for gas-in-oil analysis



The colored fields are required for the analysis Dörnenburg, Rogers, IEC60599 and Duval. If you also want to analyze by MSS and Cigre, you also need the gases C3H6, CO und CO2.


If you are logged in, you can add an analysis to a transformer, which you have added previously to the database. If you want to save the analysis, then simply enter the date of the analysis and choose a transformer from the list.